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Dryer Problem? 101 Lint Busters is a Dryer Expert.

What does Lint Buster do? 

Oscar your real estate expert welcome to another episode of all things Santa Paula Fillmore Piru today we're gonna be talking with 101 net busters.

I'm the owner operator of 101 limb Buster's we are a professional dryer vent cleaning company so what we do is we come out to your house inspect your dryer make sure that your dryer hasn't collected excessive amount of lint inside the dryer and then what we do is we clean from the laundry room the exterior of the house. almost every house is set up this way where they have pipe that goes from the dryer to the outside okay through that pipe it carries the lid the humidity and the hot air okay so when that pipe is clogged up for the for the years of the usage it restricts the air flow causing the lint hot air and community to back up into your dryer.

Let me show you what a vent should look like now you see this is pretty clean this is actually what it should look like okay perfect, obviously this is a new one right where we're done cleaning that's the way they look so here's a setup this was taken out of a house that their machine actually burned down now the house didn't catch on fire they were able to stop the fire in time but this was the cause of it and there's two problems here right first is the bat install which you go from a four inch to a two inch transition and then that we're looking at will there.

Once again this is Oscar Vasquez your real estate expert and thank you for watching another episode of all things Santa Paula,Fillmore,Piru,if you like this video if you're a business owner and if you or someone that you know would like to be featured on our show, please feel free to reach out to me in 805-290-6044. keep in mind if you have a real estate question you could also call me for that have a great day!


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